Uniswap token fundraising hits 80%, a positive sign for UNI

Almost 80% of the UNI tokens distributed in airdrops have been claimed.

Uniswap’s four liquidity pools hold more than $ 1.46 billion.

The UNI price rose to $ 5

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Uniswap’s massive airdrops to loyal platform users have been a resounding success. This clearly indicates that the token is not going to go away despite the recent fall in prices.

When Uniswap announced the launch of its UNI token and Ethereum-based liquidity pools, the exchange also distributed 150 million of these tokens as a loyalty bonus. DeFi users woke up with free tokens in their wallets and UNI prices then hit a brief high of $ 8 each.

Many of those who received the tokens immediately sold them, which then caused the price to drop. That said, the sheer number of users who have claimed these tokens is a testament to Uniswap’s success.

Collection rate is a positive sign

According to the findings of on-chain analytics provider Dune Analytics, 190,800 eligible portfolios have claimed their UNI airdrop.

This equates to more than 117 million UNI tokens, or 78% of the total deposited, claimed in the week following the airdrops. The majority of tokens were claimed on September 17th and the number has steadily declined since. This means that there could be over 30 million unclaimed UNI tokens still in circulation.

One week after the launch of the @UniswapProtocol $ UNI protocol: 78% of all eligible wallets have been claimed, or 190,000 wallets! An incredible commitment

New requests are now on the decline, Apple iOS 14 launched a week ago and has an install rate of 17%.

Dune made a comparison with Apple, which has just launched a new operating system for mobile phones, installed by only 17% of its users over the same period. It was pointed out that this is not a fair comparison and that Apple is very unlikely to give away anything for free to its users.

The analytics provider added that supply should start to stabilize now that the airdrops frenzy is over.

Beyond the 83,333.33 UNI per pool per day (four pools) for cash mining , it seems fair to assume that the circulating supply is now going to be fairly stable for the next two months.

At the time of this writing, $ 1.46 billion was split across UNI’s four liquidity pools, with ETH / WBTC being the most popular and holding almost 30% of the total.

News from the UNI course

As of Friday, September 25, the price of UNI had once again exceeded $ 5, as cryptocurrency markets rebound after a week of losses. The token has slowly risen from its low of $ 3.70 on September 22, reaching its current level.

UNI has been largely spared from the downturn in market scale that hit its DeFi comrades.

In terms of total stranded value, Uniswap has dropped to second on the DeFi charts with a TVL (total stranded value) of $ 1.87 billion according to DeFi Pulse. It was recently overtaken by DeFi Stalwart Maker, which has an 18% market share.