Student Coin finds new ways to use crypto

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In recent years, recruiters have shown great interest in people with higher education, which has resulted in a greater need for money from potential students. However, due to the fragility of the economy, the students began to look for alternative solutions in order not to be dependent on banks.

And it’s not just the students. Entrepreneurs struggling to find the money to bring their business ideas to life also need alternative options. Banking practices are inconsistent and start-up funding programs are tough business.

But there is also good news – cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular every day. This makes people feel more secure financially and in terms of data.

But nobody thought that this technology could also meet the needs of students and entrepreneurs – except for the Bitcoin Code.

What is Student Coin about?

Student Coin is an ecosystem that is built on blockchain technology and increases the functionality of cryptos.

The project is designed to enable natural and legal persons to build their tokens and free others from digital fear.

Student Coin is supported by over 500 academic institutions, all of which are convinced of its potential. Top universities like Stanford, Harvard and Newcastle are just a few of the names.

What does Student Coin offer?

There are currently two features that you can already use and two that will be valid from the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Available features

The crypto tutorial

is made up of five sections that range from basic details about blockchain technology to studies of the most influential cryptocurrencies. To take a written course, you need to gradually take the exams.

The voting option

You have the right to vote on project implementation decisions, sign multiple petitions and even take part in the university elections by keeping the STC token – the platform’s core currency.

Future functions

The exchange platform

is an essential feature that will add value to STC-based tokens over the years.

users can create these tokens without much technical knowledge, which opens the door to a formidable income strategy – crowdfunding.

How does this work?

Each student can build their own token and offer it for sale.

These tokens are then bought by other users and give the student the money they need for their tuition fees. Once he graduates and starts working, he will begin repaying the loan.

This approach provides students with money while relieving them of the fear of major changes in the interest rate or bank.

And those looking for funding to start their own business could also use this approach.

The crypto space has changed a lot in recent years.

As long as brilliant minds discover new uses for blockchain technology, the economy will regain its equilibrium and we will have better lifestyles.